Getting Virtually Connected to Campus

Email is an essential method of communication on the UA campus. To receive important information and stay connected to students and colleagues, all advisors should establish a university email address and join relevant email Listservs.

Establishing a UA email account

Steps for creating a UA email account can be found on the University Information Technology Services' (UITS) website. The first step in this process is to create your UA netID.

Some advisors may be asked to use a departmental email account instead of a university account. Even if this is the case, all advisors should still go through the step of creating a netID since this will be used for logging in to almost all of the UA's student databases

Request Addition to the UPAC Listserv

The University Professional Advising Council is the primary professional organization for advisors on the UA campus. By joining this Listerv, advisors receive updates on important policy changes, reminders about important deadlines and events, and invitations to professional development workshops and activities. Requests to be added to the Listserv can be made at the UPAC page.

Request Addition to the 3D Memo Listserv

3D memos serve as a message service to inform faculty and staff about university policies, issues, position announcements, and upcoming events. Although most 3D memos will not pertain specifically to advising or academic policy, an advisor may find a memo of personal interest or of interest to the students in his/her department. Subscribing to 3D memos is a great way to keep abreast of the many happenings on campus. You can subscribe to the 3D memo Listserv through their online subscription form.

Request Addition to Departmental and/or College Listservs

Most departments have at least one Listserv that is used to convey messages to students and employees. All new employees should check with their supervisors to ensure that they have been added to all relevant Listservs.

Many Listservs have designated administrators who can post email messages to the group. As an advisor, you may want to request administrator access to any Listservs for the student groups with whom you work so that you can send relevant messages.