University Academic Advising Council

The Council is composed of one academic advising representative from each college or school with undergraduate degree programs, one student representative from ASUA, and the Director of the Advising Resource Center/Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Advising (referred to hereafter as the Director/Coordinator). The Council meets regularly to discuss issues pertinent to undergraduate academic advising.

The charge of UAAC

  • Identify and address campus-wide academic advising issues.
  • Share new developments and best practices in academic advising.
  • Provide input on the types of academic advising data needed to describe and assess the effectiveness of advising campus-wide in (a) meeting the minimum level of advising services recommended by the AATF, and (b) meeting performance standards for student access to, and satisfaction with, academic advising.
  • Review university-wide policies and procedures related to academic advising and recommend changes when necessary (e.g., Orientation, UA 101s, commencement programs, etc.).
  • Review components of a comprehensive training program for academic advisors.
  • Develop a plan for awards, recognition, and development opportunities for academic advisors.