First-Year Students

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The transition from high school to college life can be confusing, if not overwhelming for many students. Many campus offices provide services to support students as they become accustomed to life at the U of A.

Academic Success and Achievement

Academic Success and Achievement provides programs designed to facilitate the retention and graduation of students. First time freshman students can participate in any number of academic support programs, beginning with the New Start Summer Program. This program is a six-week comprehensive high school to college bridge experience combining academic, residential, and social programming.

This program is followed by our academic year support programs which assist students from their first year to graduation. ASA Peer Mentoring provides workshops and peer advising for first year students.  Arizona Assurance provides comprehensive services in collaboration with campus programs and academic departments to support students through graduation.

Additionally, Academic Success and Achievement programs celebrate the end of a student’s collegiate career with official Commencement ceremonies.

The Difference between High School and College (pdf, 50kb)

From academics through socializing, college is a completely different world than high school. Preparation for these major life changes, ability to manage time, and willingness to take responsibility for one's academic and personal lives are key to the successful college experience.

Major Exploration

With over 100 majors available at UA, it is no wonder that students often have difficulty selecting a major of interest. Students have several options to explore majors. They can complete a "self directed" on-line process by clicking on Major Exploration. Students can also make an advising appointment by calling 520-621-7763. The advisors at the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science Academic Advising Center in Bear Down Gym provide advising to students with no major, as well as those who are considering a change of major. Major exploration advising includes self-assessment, examination of available majors, and career exploration.