Honor Students

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Admission to the Honors College is highly selective and competitive. Current UA students are eligible to apply to the Honors College once they achieve a 3.5 GPA with at least 12 units completed. Honors College students have access to unique programs and resources, and many research opportunities with faculty.

Honors College General Education

Honors students are allowed greater flexibility in the three study areas of Traditions and Cultures/Humanities, Individuals and Societies, and Natural Sciences. Although they will complete the same number of general education courses as non-Honors students, Honors students are able to place a greater emphasis on tier II courses. Details are outlined in the catalog.

Honors Advising

Honors students receive academic advising through their major advisors, and also receive additional support through their Honors College advisors. Students can meet with an Honors advisor for assistance completing Honors graduation requirements, connecting with research and engagement opportunities outside of the classroom, exploring diverse academic interests, and preparing for life beyond UA. No-Major-Selected Honors students will see an Honors advisor for both academic and Honors advising.

In addition to the staff advisors in the Honors College, many students also have access to an Honors faculty advisor (link to https://www.honors.arizona.edu/people) in their major. Faculty advisors provide assistance identifying research opportunities and honors experiences in the major, and can help with the development of a thesis topic.