Returning Students

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Whether their absence has been one semester or twenty years, returning students can use a variety of UA services in order to readjust to their academic environments and develop efficient plans for picking up where they left off.

Academic Advising

The most important contact for a returning student is the academic advisor in his or her major of interest. The advisor can review course requirements, evaluate any transfer work that was completed during the absence, and help formulate an efficient pathway toward graduation. Students who left the UA with a GPA below 2.0 will need to work especially closely with an advisor in order to plan for quick academic improvement. Students are highly encouraged to contact their advisor early in the application process rather than waiting until they are readmitted to the UA.

Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal allows students to have grades for a particular period of time excluded from the grade-point-average (GPA). If the qualifications are met, the student may have a maximum of four consecutive semesters of course work disregarded in all calculations regarding academic standing, grade-point-average, and eligibility for graduation. Academic Renewal provides an excellent opportunity recover from a poor academic history. However, students do lose credit for any courses passed during semesters in which Academic Renewal is applied. Students should work closely with their advisors to see if they qualify to use this tool and whether its benefits outweigh the costs. Learn more

Second Start Policy

Undergraduates seeking readmission to The University of Arizona after an absence of at least three years may apply for the Second Start Readmission Program. Students should discuss this program with their academic advisor before enrolling in the first semester of classes.

Off-Campus Housing and Commuter Resources

Many returning students are older and at a different place in life than their average classmates, and therefore have diverse social and academic needs. The office of Off-Campus Housing and Commuter Resources provides programming and services to commuter students.

Office of Admissions

Any student who takes even one semester away from the UA without filing for a formal Leave of Absence must reapply for University admission. Students should be sure to complete the application for readmission and to adhere to the application deadlines. Application deadlines for students who left the UA with a GPA below 2.0 must apply at an earlier date than those who left in good academic standing.