East Asian Studies

  • Margaret Camp
    Learning Services Building 102
    (520) 621-7505
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    I advise EAS majors and minors ONLY. For general education information, please visit either Jeremiah Webb or Lyn Duran: www.wiseadvising.arizona.edu
  • Lynette A Duran
    Modern Languages, Room 345
    (520) 621-1048
    General Education Only
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    Hello! I am available to meet with students who are or wish to major in East Asian Studies (Japanese or Chinese). I also advise students on general education requirements. Please schedule an appointment on line.
  • Jeremy A Webb
    Modern Languages 345
    (520) 621-1048
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    I advise students who have or wish to declare a major/second major/second degree in East Asian Studies. I am also responsible for advising students regarding general education requirements. You may schedule an appointment on line.