Adolescents, Community & Educ

Advisor Contact:
Alonso R Minjarez
Education, Room 247
Minor Description:

This minor is designed to introduce content area majors from across the University to the benefits and challenges of working with children and adolescents in school and community settings.

Minor Requirements:

Minor Coursework: (18 units/ minimum of 9 units upper division):

Category I: Adolescence in a Multicultural Society (6-9 units)
EDP 301: Educational Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development
EDP/FSHD 403: Preadolescence and Adolescent Development
EDP 410: Decision Making Across the Life Span
HED 353: Sports, Adolescents and Community
TLS 285: Learning about Adolescence through Literature
TLS 286: Global Citizenship: Reading the World and the Word
TLS 306: Youth in Diverse Communities
TLS 335: Academic Literacies
TLS 352: Developing Adolescent Personal and Social Responsibility
TLS 412: Educating Culturally Diverse Students in a Pluralistic Society

Category II: Adolescents and Schooling (6-9 units)
EDL 200: A Global Perspective on Schooling
EDP 405: Public Education in America in the U.S.: Policy and Practice
SERP 412: Violence in Schools and Communities
TLS 195: Introduction to the Profession of Teaching
TLS 204: Language, Culture, and Race in Education
TLS 318: Teaching with New Technologies
TLS 350: Schooling in America
TLS 356: Sports, Adolescents and Schools
TLS 410: Foundations of Language Minority Education

Category III: Working with Adolescents (3-6 units)
HED 350: Student Outreach
TLS 200: Sustainability and Education
TLS 239: Literacy Tutoring

Declaring the Minor:

The minor advisor in the College of Education is the only one who can declare the minor. The student must email the minor advisor as listed above.


Double Use of Minor Course Work:

TLS 200, HED 350 and EDL200 can double-dip as Tier II INDV.