Advisor Contact:
Thomas A Fleming
Steward Observatory (SO) 209
(520) 621-5049
Minor Description:

There are two tracks (subplans) for the ASTR minor:  The Science (SCI) track is meant for students majoring in a physical science or Engineering who wish to supplement their Physics education with knowledge of basic astrophysics and observational Astronomy.  The Liberal Arts (LA) track is meant for students majoring in a non-STEM subject who would like to study Astronomy and Astronomical observing without having mastered Calculus or Physics.

Declaring the Minor:

A student’s major advisor may declare the ASTR minor (NOTE TO ADVISORS: Do not forget to declare a subplan!) or the student may see Dr. Fleming.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Liberal Arts track:  Students may not “double-dip” courses with NATS Tier 2 General Education requirements.

Science track:  PHYS courses may also be used for Physics or Engineering major requirements.