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Mariah Alena Nunes
Communication 115
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Randy D Yazzie
Communication 115
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Minor Description:

The Communication Minor emphasizes communication skills and is an excellent complement to any major.

Minor Requirements:

The COMM Minor requires a minimum of 18 units which must include 9 units of upper-division course work. At least 3 units must be completed at the University of Arizona. Courses required include COMM 101, 3 COMM Skills courses, and 2 COMM elective courses. 

Core (3 units required for the minor)
  COMM 101     Introduction to Communication

Skills (9 units required for the minor)  
  COMM 113     Intro to Small Group COMM
  COMM 114     Intro to Interpersonal COMM
  COMM 117     Intro to Intercultural COMM
  COMM 119     Intro to Public Speaking
  COMM 209     Intro to COMM Technologies
  COMM 312     Applied Organizational COMM
  COMM 313     COMM & Public Relations
  COMM 319     Advanced Public Speaking
  COMM 325     Argumentation

Note: Junior standing recommended for 300+ level courses

Elective* (6 units required for the minor)

Any of the above Skills courses, and also

  COMM 301     Survey of Mass Communication
  COMM 311     COMM Technology Theory
  COMM 410     Struggle for the Presidency
  COMM 420     COMM and the Legal Process

*Any course with the COMM prefix (with the exception of COMM 200) can be included in the Communication minor. The above courses are the only COMM courses available to minors in Fall and Spring. There may be more offerings in Study Abroad, Winter and Summer sessions.

More information can be found at the following website: (link is external)

Academic Advisement Report


New COMM minors are not declared during priority registration. COMM minor courses are restricted to declared minors with the exception of COMM 101 which is open to all students. COMM Minors may have to take courses over the summer.

Declaring the Minor:

Students interested in declaring the COMM minor can complete an online information session and quiz. New minors are declared every Friday with the exception Fridays that occur during priority registration.  The information for declaring can be found at the following website: (link is external)

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

The Communication minor does not allow double use of any of the courses.