Computer Science

Advisor Contact:
Arthur L Jordan
Gould-Simpson 917
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David L Smith
Gould-Simpson 917
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Nicole Ann Soley
Gould-Simpson room 917
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Minor Description:

Basic introduction to programming and fundamentals of computer science.  

Minor Requirements:
  • A total of 18 units of CSC coursework is required.  Of those units, at least 6 must be upper-division. (300/400-level)

  • Required courses:

    • CSC 110 (4 units)

    • CSC 120 (4 units)

  • Courses numbered 90-99 cannot be used toward the minor.

  • Common CSC minor courses include:

    • CSC 250: Essential Computing for the Sciences
    • CSC 346: Cloud Computing
    • CSC 337: Web Programming

Academic Advisement Report


CS minors may take major restricted courses, only if course requisites are met and space is available.


Course offerings vary each summer but the typical offerings include:

  • CSC 110
  • CSC 120
  • CSC 245
  • CSC 210

Some 300-400 level CSC courses may be offered over the summer, but this is not guaranteed. All summer course offerings are available in-person and online.

Declaring the Minor:

To declare the CS Minor students must complete the online “CS Minor Workshop.” After completion of the online workshop, students can declare the CS minor. For more information and to access the online workshop click here. To schedule an appointment with a CS advisor, contact

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Up to two courses from another subject area (ECE 175, ISTA 130, MATH 243, MATH 323, cross-listed courses) may be used toward the CS minor. We permit unlimited double use of CSC courses with another major or minor. Please discuss all course substitutions with a CS advisor