Creative Writing

Advisor Contact:
Sandra V Holm
Modern Languages 450
(520) 621-1836
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A to K
Minor Description:

The Creative Writing minor is designed (1) to provide students with solid fundamentals in writing, reading, analytical skills, and literary knowledge and (2) to allow them a wide range of choice in concentrations and electives grounded in those fundamentals, all of which can lead to many fruitful occupations. 

Minor Requirements:
  • Two classes from the following:  Introduction to Writing Nonfiction (ENGL 201), Introduction to Poetry Writing (ENGL 209), Introduction to Fiction Writing (ENGL 210). 
    *Note: Both classes must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in concentration courses below.
  • Select a concentration from the following:  Nonfiction Writing (ENGL 301 and 401), Fiction Writing (ENGL 304 and 404), Poetry Writing (ENGL 309 and 409). 
    *Note: ENGL 401, 404, or 409 must be completed during your final semester at the University of Arizona.
  • ENGL 280 This class may only be taken upon successful completion of the English composition requirement.
  • ENGL 380 This class may only be taken upon successful completion of ENGL 280. 
  • ENGL Upper-Division Literature Elective (3 units)
    *Note: 400 level courses require successful completion of ENGL 380 prior to enrollment. 

Academic Advisement Report


The number of units required for the Creative Writing minor is 21 units.  A minimum of 12 upper-division units are required for the minor, and you must earn at least a 2.00 GPA in the minor in order to graduate.  Additionally, you must complete at least 3 units of coursework in residence at the University of Arizona to fulfill minimum GPA requirements.

Declaring the Minor:

Completion of an online information session is required to declare the Creative Writing minor and may be found here:  You may schedule an appointment with an advisor after the information session is complete and all necessary paperwork is turned into our office.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Creative Writing does not permit double use of courses in this minor with any other major or second minor.