Advisor Contact:
Elizabeth C George
Ina Gittings, Room 121D
(520) 621-2905
Minor Description:

The dance minor is designed for students who are interested in honing in on one discipline of dance (ballet, modern, OR jazz). Students must demonstrate talent and an advanced technical level in at least one performance area (ballet, modern, OR jazz) and admission to the minor program is by audition only.

Minor Requirements:
Minimum units required:  21
Upper Division units required: 9
Core Curriculum
  • Dance Improvisation (1 unit)- DNC 143
  • Dance Composition: Creating With Movement and Rhythm (2 units)- DNC 243 (offered in the  Spring only)
  • Dance History (3 units)- DNC 200 (offered in the Fall only)
  • Dance in World Cultures (3 units)- DNC 400 (Offered in the Spring only, please see advisor for schedule)
  • Biomechanics for Dance (3 units)- DNC 455 (Offered every OTHER Spring, please see advisor for schedule)
  • Minimum of two semesters of technique courses to be taken in sequence: placement by audition only. (4 units)

With the advice and approval of the undergraduate minor advisor, students will select additional dance courses in their areas of special interest and demonstrated talent. See dance schedule of courses.

Academic Advisement Report


The minor in the School of Dance has a competitive application process and attendance at one of our National Dance auditions is required. Please see to review the auditions dates and criteria.

Declaring the Minor:

Students must meet with a dance advisor to declare a minor in dance.