Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Advisor Contact:
Sarah M Kortessis
Life Science South room 244
(520) 626-2609
Meredith W Larrabee
Life Science South room 233
(520) 626-8456
Minor Description:

The Ecology & Evolutionary Biology minor offers an introduction to the integration of biological systems across all levels of organization, from molecules within cells up through global ecosystems. 

Minor Requirements:

MCB 181R & 181L
ECOL 182R & 182L
ECOL 302 (Fall Only) OR ECOL 335 (Spring Only)

2 upper division Advisor approved electives from the MacroOrganismal or Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior categories


ECOL 302 is only offered in the Fall and ECOL 335 is only offered in the Spring. Biology majors may not declare the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology minor.

Academic Advising Report

Declaring the Minor:

You must schedule an appointment through the online scheduling system at  and meet with an EEB Advisor to declare the minor. We do not declare new minors during priority registration.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

The Ecology & Evolutionary Biology minor does not allow double dipping for ECOL 302, ECOL 335, or upper division elective coursework.