Minor Description:
Minor Requirements:

The Fashion Minor consists of 6 classes 

RCSC 204*: Fashion Consumer and the Economy (3 units)

FCSC 215: Introduction to Fashion Retailing (3 units)

FCSC 225: Starting a Fashion Business (3 units)

FCSC 333: Fashion E-tailing and Customer Management (3 units)

FCSC 335: Fashion Forecasting and Research Trends (3 units)

FCSC 435: Society Culture and Fashion Relationships (3 units)

The classes are offered online during the summer for your convenience and the minor is designed to be completed in two summers. 

You will need to complete all three 200 level courses (RCSC 204, FCSC 215 and FCSC 225) before taking the upper division courses. 

Declaring the Minor:

If you want to apply for the minor, you must first take the mastery quiz here:

which is followed by the online application.

Note: Your University of Arizona GPA needs to be a 2.0 or higher in order to declare the fashion minor. The classes are only offered online in the summer and are on a first come first served basis through UAccess. You must complete the three lower division courses: RCSC 204, FCSC 215 and FCSC 225 in order to enroll in the upper division classes which are FCSC 333, FCSC 335 and FCSC 435.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Stephanie Carlson at or use the online form here.

*RCSC 204 may be offered in the winter session.