Family Studies & Human Dev

Advisor Contact:
Elizabeth Anna Collins
McClelland Park, room 203
(520) 621-0835
Minor Description:

The Family Studies and Human Development minor allows students to explore issues within families and individuals across the lifespan. Coursework will prepare students for professions that improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages, couples, and families.

More information about the minor, including requirements and course options can be found here:

FSHD Minor Course Sampler

(these are examples of FSHD course options, not all courses are listed)
Lower Division Course Sampler
FSHD 117 – Lifespan Human Development
FSHD 237 – Close Relationships
FSHD 257 – Dynamics of Family Relations

Upper Division Course Sampler
FSHD 323 – Infancy/Child Development
FSHD 377 – Adolescence
FSHD 401 – Basic Skills in Counseling
FSHD 405 – Theories of Counseling
FSHD 408 – Program Planning and Evaluation
FSHD 413 – Issues in Aging
FSHD 450 – Human Sexuality
FSHD 427A – Problems in Adult Development and Relations
FSHD 427C – Problems in Child/Adolescent Development and Relations
FSHD 447A – Sociocultural Context of Development
FSHD 447C – Biosocial Development
FSHD 487 – Advanced Family Relations
FSHD 494 – Practicum (available in summer)


Minor Requirements:

18 total units, 9 units must be upper division (300-400 level)

The FSHD Minor may be fulfilled through any combination of FSHD coursework, and some FCSC coursework.

  • While there are no required classes, FSHD 117 (or an equivalent course) is a prerequisite to many upper division FSHD courses, so 117 is a recommended beginning course for all FSHD minors

  • Students who have other human development coursework completed through transfer, or through UA (like PSY 240 - Developmental Psychology), may not need to complete FSHD 117, and can complete six other FSHD courses to complete the minor

Academic Advisement Report


Minors are not able to register for FSHD courses during priority registration. During open enrollment, declared minors will be able to add FSHD classes that have open seats. Minors are encouraged to take Winter and Summer courses, which are open to all students and often have more seat availability.  

Declaring the Minor:

Advisors should refer students to the online information session in order to declare the minor. Students interested in the FSHD Minor are asked to complete an online information session and quiz:

We review and approve minor applications weekly, so students should expect to see their FSHD Minor added within 5-10 business days. Students will be notified via email that their minor has been declared

Note: If you are a transfer student or new to the university as a freshman, you should wait to apply until one semester of UA grades are posted, as we ask students to have a 2.0 UA GPA to declare the FSHD Minor.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Courses used in the FSHD Minor may not be applied to a student's major or second minor. FSHD Minor courses may be used toward the pre-major section of a student’s major degree plan (for example, FSHD 117 can be used toward pre-nursing requirements and the FSHD Minor)

FSHD 150B1 cannot be used in the FSHD Minor

We do not double count such courses as FSHD 200. If it is used in your major, we cannot use it your minor.