Film and Television

Advisor Contact:
Christina M Beasley
See comments section for location
(520) 621-7352
Minor Description:

The FTV minor is intended for students in another course of study who have a professional or intellectual interest in film and television.

To make an advising appointment, go to:

Advising appointments are NOT available to non-FTV majors and minors during priority advising/registration.

Minor Requirements:

The FTV minor includes a total of 8 courses (24 units), including the five lower-division foundational courses plus three upper-division electives of your choice.

The five foundational courses (FTV 100A, 100B, 200, 210, 270) must be completed before taking upper-division FTV courses. Since the foundational courses are not offered every semester, it generally takes a minimum of three semesters, once admitted to the minor, to complete all the coursework for the FTV minor.

Academic Advisement Report


Only currently-declared FTV minors (and majors) are eligible to take most FTV courses (including FTV 100A, 100B, 200, 210, 270) in the Fall and Spring semesters. FTV courses are available to ALL UA students via UAccess registration during Summer Sessions.

Declared minors (and majors) must register for FTV courses through departmental registration – not through UAccess. Make an appointment with the FTV minor advisor through the above link or by calling the FTV office at (520) 621-7352.

Declaring the Minor:

Advisors cannot declare the FTV minor. Please send all students to the links below for more information and to apply for the FTV minor.

Students interested in applying to the FTV minor can see the required application process here:
Please note that the application process is offered at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, and requires attendance at an in-person minor information session. A minimum cumulative UA GPA of 2.5 is required to be eligible to apply to the minor.

More specific information about the courses requirements for the FTV minor is here:

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

The following FTV courses do not count in the minor:  FTV 251, 252, 302.

A maximum of one of the following courses (FTV 325, 375) may be double-counted between a Tier 2 requirement and in the FTV minor.

FTV courses may NOT be double-counted between a major and the FTV minor.