Advisor Contact:
Anne L Chase
Gould-Simpson 210
(520) 621-6004
Shawna K Matteson
Gould-Simpson 214
(520) 621-4845
Minor Description:

Our department focuses on research and education in the nature, genesis, and history of the Earth and its crust, and the evolution of the environment  at the Earth's surface.

Minor Requirements:

Required course: GEOS 251.

Choose at least two from: GEOS 255, GEOS 280, GEOS 300, GEOS 302, GEOS 304, GEOS 306, GEOS 308, GEOS 322, GEOS 342, GEOS 356, GEOS 412A

Complete additional courses for 20 units total. At least 9 units must be upper-division.

Declaring the Minor:

Make an appointment with an advisor to declare a minor in Geosciences.  

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Minor course work can be double-dipped with major.