Health and Human Values

Advisor Contact:
Rebecca Mitchell Field
(520) 621-6901
Minor Description:

The Honors College Health and Human Values minor allows students to learn about health and medicine through social sciences and humanities perspectives.  The minor provides students with a unique preparation for medical school admission and for professional success, by enhancing their understanding of medicine beyond the basics of science.   

Minor Requirements:

The minor requires a minimum of 18 units: An introductory course (HNRS 250), a three-unit internship (HNRS 396H), a capstone (HNRS 498), and 9 units of approved elective courses.  Electives are special one-time collaborations between the Honors College and professors in departments throughout campus. Elective options are announced on a semester-to-semester basis. 

Students who are interested in graduation with honors in Health and Human Values may do so by turning the 3-unit capstone into a 6-unit research experience. 

Academic Advisement Report


The minor is completed as a cohort.  Students complete the introductory course in spring of the sophomore year, electives and internship in the junior year, and the capstone in fall of the senior year.  Students who are interested in the minor must enroll in HNRS 250 in the spring of the sophomore year.  The minor cohort will be selected from the students in that course.  HNRS 250 is not available to freshmen, or to any student who has fewer than two years remaining at UA. 

Declaring the Minor:

Students must enroll in HNRS 250 in order to be eligible to apply for the minor.  Minor applications will be made available to students during that course. 

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Per university policy, up to 6 units of minor coursework may be double-dipped with tier II general education requirements.