Info, Sci, Tech & Arts

Advisor Contact:
Laura Catherine Joan Owen
Harvil 431
(520) 626-3429
Minor Description:

The minor in Information Science, Technology, and Arts is designed to provide students in all majors a complementary experience in dealing with information—deriving it, managing it, and extracting meaning from it.

Minor Requirements:

ISTA 100: Introduction to SISTA: Big Ideas in Information Science

ISTA 116: Statistical Foundations of ISTA

ISTA 130: Computational Thinking and Doing (or the equivalent)

ISTA 161: Ethics in a Digital World

6 credits Upper Division ISTA coursework


Academic Advisement Report


Declaring the Minor:

Students may declare the Information Science, Technology, and Arts minor by emailing or meeting with the Information, Science, Technology, and Arts advisor.


Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Check with your minor and major advisors.