Latin American Studies

Advisor Contact:
Kathryn N Gallien
Social Sciences 133
(520) 626-3344
Minor Requirements:

The LAS Minor Requirements:

Academic Advisement Report

The Latin American Studies minor is 18 units, 9 of which must be fulfilled by selecting from the following “Contemporary Latin American Topics” classes:

LAS 348: Drug Wars and Oil Fortunes in Latin America
LAS 354: Drugs and Violence in Mexico
LAS 363: #Black Lives Matter Across the Americas
LAS 364: Development in 20th Century Latin America
LAS 365: Human Rights and Immigration Enforcement in the US.-Mexico Borderlands
LAS 367: Human Rights in Latin America

Declaring the Minor: Students may declare the minor at any time by contacting the LAS advisor or their major advisor.  

On the Double-Dipping Policy Page (

Latin American Studies should read, “permits up to 6 units from the LAS Major to double dip with a second major, as long as the courses are listed in both majors (cross-listed courses) and the double use is acceptable with the other major advisor.”)