Marine Science

Minor Description:

The marine science minor is intended to serve as a broad introduction to the world’s oceans and to acquaint the student with major aspects of the marine system.  You will take classes under the categories: the Biological Ocean, the Physical Ocean and Human Impacts on the Ocean.  

Minor Requirements:

A minimum of 18 units are required for the minor. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. The course options are as follows, select one from each area

 I.  The biological ocean

Complete one of the following:

ECOL 183, Marine Biology (3)

ECOL 182R (3)

II. Human Impact on the Oceans

Complete one of the following:

ANTH 203, Caribbean Transformations (3)

ECOL 183, Marine Biology (3)

ECOL 206, Environmental Biology (3)

GEOG 230, Our Changing Climate (3)

GEOS 212, Introduction to Oceanography (3)

III. Upper division survey course of the oceans:

GEOS 412 Ocean Science (3)

Complete nine units from the following, with no more than six units from any given category below:

Biology of the Oceans, Upper Division

ECOL 306, Marine Ecology and Conservation (3)

ECOL 404R, Biology of the Oceans (3)

ECOL 404F, Biology of the Oceans (1)

ECOL 450, Marine Discovery (4)

ECOL 482/582, Ichthyology (4)

ECOL 496O/596O, Galapagos Marine Ecology (6)

ECOL/SWES/WFSc 475/575, Freshwater and Marine Algae (4) or

ECOL/SWES/WFSc 474/574, Aquatic Plants and the Environment (4)

Human Impact on the Oceans, Upper Division

ECOL 360, Marine Ecology and Conservation (3)

ECOL 406, Conservation Biology (3)

SNR 480, Natural Resources – Policy and Law (3)

SNR 496D/596D, The Desert Sea: Exploring the Social-Ecological Nexus in the Gulf of California (3)

WFSC 455R/L Fisheries Management (3)

VSC/WFSC 456/556, Introduction to Aquaculture (3)

Geoscience of the Oceans, Upper Division

GEOS 4XX, Field Trip for GEOS 412 Ocean Science (1)

GEOG 430/530, The Climate System (3)

GEOG/GEOS 447/547, Global and Regional Climatology (3)

GEOS 302 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (3)

GEOS 308, Paleontology (3)

GEOS 342, Evolution of the Earth, Ocean and Atmosphere (3)

GEOS 478/578 Global Change (3)

GEOS 479/579, Climate Dynamics (3)

GEOS 496/596 Seminar (when appropriate with departmental approval)

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Academic Advisement Report


Students can see Sarah Kortessis in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology to declare OR their major advisor can declare them with a Science Thematic minor with the sub-plan Marine Science.  

Contact Information: Sarah Kortessis- , Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Biological Sciences West, Room 310. Schedule an appointment

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

A few courses in this minor can be double counted in the student’s major but at least 9 units must be unique to the minor.