Advisor Contact:
Kaitlin Dariel Trujillo
Saguaro Hall 106A
(520) 621-3058
Minor Description:

Microbiology is the study of the biology of microorganisms and how they interact with their surroundings. It is a minor with a focus on the study of disease that gives students a glimpse into areas such as human, animal, or plant health and welfare, biological or biomedical sciences and biotechnology or related fields which require scientific-based academic preparation.

Minor Requirements:

Complete 3 Core Courses:

  • MIC 205A: General Microbiology
  • MIC 205L: General Microbiology Laboratory
  • MIC 419: Immunology

Complete 10 upper division major elective units. Choose from the following courses on the last page.  All 10 units do NOT have to come from the same focal option. Full course list can be found here.


Most courses that apply to this minor are only offered during the regular academic year.  Many of the available electives are offered either fall or spring, but not both. MIC 205a and MIC 205L are offered year round.  Courses are not restricted to major/minor only enrollment.  However, if a course is full then priority will be given to Microbiology major and minors, as well as class standing.  Students should regularly visit with their minor advisor when selecting elective courses.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

Minor must declared by the Microbiology minor advisor.  Students must make an appointment with the Microbiology minor advisor (Kate Johansen) by using this link: https://sbs.arizona.edu/advising/index.php?k=a684eceee76fc522773286a895bc8436#152

The green slots are walk-in times and the blue slots are available appointment times.  Grey/Orange is reserved (not available time).  Remember in order to ensure that you are scheduling your appointment with me, make sure you click my name (when in the WISE system), otherwise you will schedule your appointment with the other advisor.  Students don’t need to complete any information sessions. 


Double Use of Minor Course Work:

In some instances, core courses will be allowed to be used toward both major and minor requirement.  However, NO ELECTIVE COURSES, will be allowed to count both toward the major and minor course requirements.  The student should work closely with both the major and minor advisor to avoid this problem.