Military Science & Leadership

Advisor Contact:
James E Hunt
Forbes Building Room 211
(520) 626-3631
Minor Description:

Students generally take 18 to 20 units, completing coursework that includes the history of the U.S. military, the role of the U.S. as part of a global community, military-related skills and training on ways to effectively serve as leaders. 

Those who intend to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force typically must take two courses each year for a total of 20 units. 


Minor Requirements:

Complete one of the following options: Military Science (Army), Military Aerospace Studies

(Air Force), or Naval Science (Navy/Marines). 

A minimum of 20 units are required of which 12 must be upper division.

A minimum of 3 units in the minor must be taken at the University of Arizona.


Military Science (Army):

4 core courses: MLS 301, MLS 302, MLS 401, MLS 402


Military Aerospace Studies (Air Force):

4 core courses: MLA 300A, MLA 300B, MLA 400A, MLA 400A-SA, MLA 400B

Electives – 6 units: MLA 100A, MLA 100B, MLA 200A, MLA 200B


Naval Science (Navy/Marines):

2 core courses:  NS 401, NS 402


Academic Advisement Report


If you are not in ROTC but would like more information on the minor, please contact Dr. Jim Hunt at


Declaring the Minor:

If you are in ROTC and would like to minor in Military Science and Leadership, please see your ROTC/Military Science advisor and have the designated representative from the branch sign the leadership minor form. Please drop off the form to Career and Academic Services, Forbes, Room #203, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Forms are also available with your representative or in Forbes, Room #203.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Courses in the minor may not be used towards other degree requirements