Nutritional Sciences

Advisor Contact:
Michelle Nicole Mendoza
Shantz room 238
(520) 621-2017
Nita K Ocansey
Shantz room 238
Minor Description:

The nutrition minor allows students to learn about a diverse range of topics in food and nutrition. 

Minor Requirements:

NSC 170C1- Required

Other Options in Summer/Winter:

  • NSC 255
  • NSC 375
  • NSC 376
  • NSC 301
  • NSC 351R
  • NSC 353
  • NSC 315
  • NSC 310 (fall and summer)
  • NSC 475 (fall)

This is a summer minor with very limited options which can be taken during the academic year (NSC 170C1, NSC 310 and NSC 475 only). This minor cannot be completed without taking summer/winter courses.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

If students would like to declare the minor we can take care of everything via email- An appointment for the minor is typically not needed because the requirements are very straight forward and I can answer most questions quickly through email.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

We do not have any double dipping policies for the minor- The only exception is NSC 170C1, which cannot be used to satisfy both a T1 NATS requirement and be used towards the minor, per UA policy. Students must either take two T1 NATS courses (not including NSC 170C1) to allow NSC 170C1 to count in the minor, or if they would like to use NSC 170C1 as a T1 NATS, an additional 3 units must be taken to substitute the course in the minor.