Advisor Contact:
Holly B Brown
Physcis & Atmospheric Science Buidling room 356
(520) 626-1231
Minor Description:

The physics minor consists of a 4 semester sequence of “introductory” courses followed by six upper division credits.

Minor Requirements:

Required  Phys 141 or 161H, Phys 142 or 143 or 162H, Phys 241 or 261H, Phys 263H

Also required:  any 3xx or 4xx courses totaling 6 credits.

Overall a minimum or 19 credits.

Note that any student can enroll in 263H. If a student is not in the honors college, they should go to PAS 260 to enroll.


Phys 141 and 241 are taught Summer I and Summer II respectively.

Every course is also taught  fall and spring.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

Major advisor can approve minor. Student should get “change of major” form in PAS 260 and meet with any academic advisor.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

In general, no automatic double dipping. Student could ask and an exception is possible depending upon the circumstances.