Plant Sciences

Advisor Contact:
Tanya M Quist
Forbes Building, room 317
(520) 621-1977
Minor Description:

A minor in Plant Science gives students a thorough introduction to plant biology and is compatible with many majors including Microbiology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology and Environmental Science. Students follow a sequence of core plant science courses and are permitted to take a variety of complimentary free electives courses.

Minor Requirements:

Students must complete a total of 18 units of classes including the following sequence of courses: Plant Biology PLS 240 (4), Animal and Plant Genetics PLS 312 (4), and Plant Cell Structure and Function PLS 359 (3) or Plant Growth and Physiology (3). In addition, students are required to take7 units of free electives from PLS or PLP courses, or from other related department offerings.  


Most of the core sequence of courses are offered during the Fall or Spring semesters as in-person and online courses. Students having not completed math, chemistry, or biology pre-requisites will need to address these deficiencies prior to enrolling in some of the core or elective courses in the minor.

Declaring the Minor:

Students can review the requirements for the minor online. To declare the minor, students must first schedule an appointment with the plant sciences advisor.   

Academic Advisement Report

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Coursework in the minor core sequence cannot be double dipped, but up to 7 units of free electives from the major plan of study can be applied in the minor.