PreHealth Thematic

Advisor Contact:
Josephine Gin Morgan
Bear Down Gym
(520) 621-7763
Stephanie S Watson
Bear Down Gym
(520) 621-7763
Minor Description:

The Pre-Health Thematic Minor is designed to support the academic goals of students planning to become health professionals and who choose a non-science major.  Most non-science majors require a minor as part of the degree program and choosing the Pre-Health Minor allows students to include their required sciences as well as more advanced study in the sciences as part of their degree. 

Minor Requirements:

Core Courses:

1.First semester Organic Chemistry (CHEM 241A & 243A, which requires completion of general chemistry)

2.Second semester Physics (PHYS 103 & 182)

3.Biochemistry (BIOC 385)

The remainder of the minor must include upper division science course work totaling 7 units.  A list of courses students can select from to fulfill the remainder of the minor can be found here:


Substitutions may be approved by the Pre-Health Advisors to support the requirements for a given student’s health career.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

Students must make an appointment with a Pre-Health advisor in order to declare the minor. Before a first appointment with a pre-health professions advisor, students are required to complete an online workshop at our website and then complete and submit the worksheet at the conclusion of the workshop. After completing and submitting this worksheet, students can then set up an appointment with a pre-health advisor by calling our front desk at 520-621-7763. Here is the link to the workshop:

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Course work in the minor cannot be double dipped with another minor or major.