Advisor Contact:
Andrea Lynne Caffrey
Ina Gittings Building, Room 107
Last names starting with
A to D
Marcella L Deweese
Ina Gittings, Room 101
(520) 621-4850
Last names starting with
K to O
William Lesho
Ina Gittings, Room 101
(520) 621-4850
Last names starting with
P to Z
Monique M Pena
Ina Gittings Building, Room 111
(520) 621-4850
Last names starting with
E to J
Minor Description:

Train students in the interdisciplinary field of physiology as a minor complementing their major area of concentration or as a completely separate entity from their major area of concentration.

Minor Requirements:

PSIO201 & PSIO202 (minimum of a C grade in each), either the PSIO303 or PSIO305 course, either the BIOC384 or BIOC385 course and 6 units of eligible PSIO upper division lecture courses.


PSIO201 and PSIO202 are offered fall, spring and summer.  PSIO303 is a fall semester course and PSIO305 is a spring semester course.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

Student is required to meet with the physiology academic advisor to declare this minor program of study (

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

1.  Double-dipping of Physiology major courses with another major (second degree program) is permitted. 

2.  No double-dipping of courses with a Physiology major and any optional minor within the BSHS degree. 

3.  No double-dipping of courses within another major and a Physiology minor. 

4.  Double-dipping of courses with a PSIO major and a second degree program with a PSIO minor is permitted.