Science Education

Advisor Contact:
Molly S Bolger
Life Sciences South room 254
(520) 621-7157
Lisa K Elfring
Life Sciences South room 252
(520) 621-1671
Vicente A Talanquer
Chemistry room 135
(520) 626-8169
Minor Description:

The Science Education minor is designed for students who are interested in learning about secondary science teaching, but who do not wish to complete all the requirements for teacher certification. This minor provides a foundation in teaching and learning science, along with experience in teaching and studying some aspect of learning.

Minor Requirements:

The Science Education Minor (SCED) requires a minimum of 18 units; 9 units must be upper division course work.  Complete:

STCH 250 Teaching Science (Fall—3 credits)
STCH 310 Adolescent Learning in Science & Math (Spring—3 credits)
STCH 410 Managing Science Instruction in Diverse Classrooms. (Fall—4 credits)
STCH 499 Independent Study (Fall/Spring—2 credit)
Preceptor Experience in College of Science (Fall/Spring—3 credits)

One of the following (3 credits):

BIOC 434 Teaching Biology Labs (F)
GEOS Practicum (F/S)
CHEM 439a Central Ideas in Chemical Science (F)
PHYS 439 Physics Teaching Methods (F)
Declaring the Minor:

To declare the Science Ed minor, please contact one of the Science Education advisors.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Coursework for the Science Education minor cannot also be used to fulfill requirements for the Science Education major.