Special Educ & Rehabilitation

Advisor Contact:
Alonso R Minjarez
Education, Room 247
Minor Description:

This minor is designed to introduce general knowledge in the areas of Rehabilitation, Deaf Studies and Special Education.

Minor Requirements:

18 units required

CORE Courses: 3 units
SERP 400: Survey of Exceptional Students (3)                                                                     
SERP 414: Introduction to Disability Studies and Services (3)                                        
SERP 416: Disability Perspectives and Narratives (3)                                                        

Select 9 units of elective from the following:
SERP 197B: Introduction to Service Learning and Meaningful Contributions to the Community (3)
SERP 200: Mass Media and Its Construction of Disability (3)  
SERP 202: Introduction to Low Incidence Disabilities (3)                                                 
SERP 402: Behavior Principles and Disability: Assessment and Intervention (3)    
SERP 404: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Exceptional Learners (3)      
SERP 412: Violence in Schools and Communities (3)                                                
SERP 420: Low Vision and Visual Functioning (3)                                                  
SERP 421: Introduction to Visual Impairments and Deaf-Blindness (3)
SERP 422: Orientation and Mobility for Teachers of Individuals with Visual Impairments (3)
SERP 424: Methods of Teaching the Visually Impaired (3)
SERP 430: Education and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals (3)
SERP 455: Rehabilitation and Aging (3)                                                                                   
SERP 464: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (3)                                                               
SERP 478: Prevention of Addictions (3)  
SERP 497A: Psychiatric Rehabilitation I (3)
SERP 481: Interviewing and Client Services (3)    
SERP 487: Psychosocial, Cultural and Familial Aspects of Disability (3)
SERP 499: Independent Study (variable)

Declaring the Minor:

The minor advisor in the College of Education is the only one who can declare the minor. The student must email the minor advisor as listed above.