Speech, Language & Hearing Sci

Advisor Contact:
Lindsay Morrell
Speech Building room 220A
(520) 621-6680
Minor Description:

To introduce students to the field of communication sciences and disorders and to provide basic knowledge in these areas.

Minor Requirements:
  1. The SLHS Minor requires a minimum of 18 units, at least 12 of which must involve coursework.
  2. At least 12 units of the SLHS Minor must be taken at the University of Arizona.
  3. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required in the SLHS Minor.

Students who are pursuing a Major in SLHS receive priority over SLHS Minor students in class registration. This means that in some cases, SLHS Minor students may not be able to take a course (including required or prerequisite courses) because of limited enrollment capacity.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

Students need to make an appointment with Raini to declare the SLHS minor.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Credit for courses approved to meet tier 2 general education requirements, may apply both to the requirements of the undergraduate minor in SLHS as well as general degree requirements. (up to 2 courses from tier 2 gen eds can be double dipped in the SLHS minor)