Advisor Contact:
John Stephen McNeill
Social Sciences 404
(520) 626-6585
Minor Requirements:

The Sociology minor requires 18 units, with a minimum of 9 upper division units.

The Sociology minor has no core courses. Any SOC courses except those numbered 150 count toward the Sociology minor. The SOC 150 courses are approved only for General Education Tier 1 Individuals and Societies.

Declaring the Minor:

To declare the Sociology minor, students can fill out a Change of Minor form or meet with a Sociology advisor in Social Sciences 404.

A student’s major advisor can declare the Sociology minor; the major advisor should send an email to a Sociology advisor which includes the student’s email address to be added to the Sociology student listserv.

Students cannot declare the Sociology minor during the priority registration period.

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Sociology does not permit double use of courses in its minor with any other majors or second minors. Exception: Students enrolled in a double degree program may use Sociology courses from their SOC BA degree toward a SOC minor in the second degree.