Theatre Arts

Advisor Contact:
David A Yarnelle
Drama Building Room 262
(520) 621-7076
Minor Description:

The Theatre Arts minor is broad-based, and is intended to provide a basic understanding of theatre.

To make an advising appointment, go to:


Minor Requirements:

The Theatre Arts minor includes a total of 7 courses (19 units), including at least 9 units upper-division (300/400 level).

The lower-division courses (TAR 100, 103, and one of the following series of courses: TAR 111/113, 116/118, 220/222) should be completed before taking upper-division TAR courses.
100-level TAR courses are available to all UA students via UAccess registration.

Academic Advisement Report


TAR courses are rarely offered in Summer or Winter Sessions. Students are encouraged to register for TAR courses during Fall and Spring semesters.

Declaring the Minor:

Advisors cannot declare the Theatre Arts minor. Students interested in declaring the Theatre Arts minor should set up an advising appointment with Prof. Yarnelle (see contact information above). A minimum cumulative UA GPA of 2.0 is required to be eligible to declare the minor.

More specific information about the courses requirements for the THAR minor is here:

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

TAR 160D1 (a Tier 1 general education course) CANNOT count in the Theatre Arts minor.

TAR courses may NOT be double-counted between a major and the Theatre Arts minor.