UA South Thematic: Intelligence Studies Emphasis

Minor Description:

The minor in Intelligence Studies allows students to study the historical and political context of the intelligence field and provides a deeper understanding of world regions critical to U.S. national and international intelligence communities.

Minor Requirements:

Intelligence studies required courses:  GPSV 314 and GPSV 397A

Workshop or independent study:  GPSV 397B or GPSV 399 Note:  Independent studies courses require permission to enroll.

Intelligence studies core courses, select two courses from: 

GPSV 471, GPSV 472, GPSV 473, and PSYV 368 (12 units)

Core electives, complete 7 units selected from: 

GPSV 313, 321, 341, 433, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 450, 461, 464, 471 472, 473; LASV 388, 445, 446; MASV 445, 446; PSYV 368


Courses in the Intelligence Studies minor are offered in a variety of formats:  online, hybrid or in-person.  Courses offered in person are generally one day a week at either Pima East Campus or the UA Science and Technology Park.

2015-2016 Catalog

Declaring the Minor:

Contact the UA South advisor nearest to you to declare this minor. Contact a UA South advisor by county --  Make a convenient appointment through the WiseAdvise appointment system: .  Your UA South advisor will be happy to discuss this minor with you and go over course choices.     

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Course work used in the Intelligence Studies may not be used in any other major or minor. GPSV 471, GPSV 472, GPSV 473, PSYV 368 used in the Intelligence Core may not double-dip in the core electives area.