UA South: Government and Public Service

Minor Description:

The minor in Government and Public Service offered by University of Arizona South will provide supporting knowledge to prepare students for a variety of careers in federal, state, and local governments, business, law enforcement, international organizations, nonprofit organizations, journalism and other related professions. Courses chosen carefully with the help of a UA South advisor will teach students to speak, write, and argue effectively; conduct research and analyze data efficiently and accurately; think critically about implications, and draw conclusions that will lead to practical solutions for the modern world. 

Minor Requirements:

Requirements include GPSV 301 (American Political Ideas); 6 units in a GPS specialization, including:  Government and Public Service, Law and Justice, Intelligence and National or International Security.  An additional 9 units may be chosen from GPSV electives.  


Complementary majors might include western or non-western second languages, history, psychology, or sociology.  A major in a science area might be useful, particularly if the student is interested in environmental issues at national and international levels

Classes are available for this degree in a variety of locations for a traditional classroom setting as well as online classes for flexibility.

Declaring the Minor:

Contact a local UA South advisor to add this minor:

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Courses in this minor cannot be double dipped with any major coursework.