Veterinary Science

Advisor Contact:
Julie C Garcia
Saguaro Hall, Room 106
(520) 626-3526
Minor Description:

Veterinary Science is the study of the diseases and health maintenance of animals.  It is a minor that gives students a glimpse into areas such as animal health and welfare, biological or biomedical sciences and biotechnology or related fields which require scientific-based academic preparation.

Minor Requirements:

Complete 4 Core Courses:

MIC 205A and MIC 205L Microbiology
ACBS 400a and ACBS 400b Animal Anatomy and Physiology I and II

Complete 8 units of Elective courses (Choose from the following courses)

Fall Only

ACBS 380     Food Safety and  Microbiology(4) L
ACBS 403R  Biology of Animal Parasites (3)
MCB 411      Molecular Biology (4)
MIC 420       Pathogenic Bacteriology (3)
ACBS 443    Research Animal Methods (3)
ACBS 449    Diseases of Wildlife (3)
MIC 452       Antibiotics: A Biological Perspective (3)       
ACBS 270      Intro to Horse Science (3)
ACBS 315R   Physiology of Reproduction (3)
ACBS 315L   Physiology of Repro. Lab (1) L
AREC 315     Agribusiness Economics and Mgmt (3)
ACBS 336A   Applied Animal Nutrition (3)
ACBS 431      Equine Nutrition & Mgmt (3)
MCB 473       Recombinant DNA Methods & Applications (4) L
ECOL 487R   Animal Behavior (3)
ECOL 487L   Animal Behavior lab (1) L
ACBS 493      Internship (3) L
ACBS 499      Independent Study (3) L

Spring Only

ACBS 401L  Animal Anatomy and  Physiology (1) L
ACBS 405    Principles of Livestock Health Management (3)
ACBS 406    Companion Animal Diseases (3)
ACBS 423    Mechanisms of Disease (4) L
MIC 430       Food Safety and Biotech (3)
ACBS 433    Medical and Molecular Virology (4)
ACBS 438    Ecology of Infectious Disease(3)
ACBS 456    Aquaculture (3)
ACBS 457    Medical-Veterinary Entomology
MCB 410    Cellular Biology (3)
MCB 473    Recombinant DNA Methods and Applications (4) L
BIOC 416A  Statistical Bioinformatics & Genomic Analysis (3)
ACBS 316     Equine Reproductive Physiology & Management (3)
ACBS 477     Beef Resource Management  (3)

Most courses that apply to this minor are only offered during the regular academic year.  Many of the available elective are offered either Fall or Spring, but not both. MIC 205a and MIC 205L is offered year round.  Courses are not restricted to major/minor only enrollment.  However, if a course if full priority will be given to Vet Sci major and minors as well as class standing.  Student should regularly visiting with minor advisor when selecting elective course.

Academic Advisement Report

Declaring the Minor:

Minor must declared by the Vet Sci minor advisor.  Student must make an appointment with the Vet Sci Minor Advisor (J.Christina Garcia) by using this link: The green slots are walk-in times and the blue slots are available appointment times.  Grey/Orange is reserved (not available time).  Remember in order to ensure that you are scheduling your appointment with me, make sure you click my name (when in the WISE system), otherwise you will schedule your appointment with the other advisor..  Student doesn’t need to complete any information sessions. 

Double Use of Minor Course Work:

In some instances, core courses will be allowed to be used toward both major and minor requirement.  However, NO ELECTIVE COURSES, will be allowed to count both toward the major and minor course requirements.  The student should work closely with both the major and minor advisor to avoid this problem.