Sergio Calderon

(520) 621-1027
College of Soc & Behav Sci
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ENR2 S450
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Declaring the Major:

Declare the GEOG BA Major at Website Link:



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Major Overview:

36 units required. A minimum of 18 units must be upper division. Minimum 2.00 GPA required. A minor is required as part of this degree.


Major Requirements:

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*Note: Tier 1 Courses numbered 150, 160, or 170 cannot be used in the GEOG BA major.


Double Use of Major Course Work:

Double dipping policy.

GEOG BA permits the double use of up to 6 units from its GEOG BA major with a second BA major, as long as the double use is acceptable with the other major advisor.

Second degree students may use courses from their GEOG BA Major toward a major or minor in the second degree, with permission by the other major advisor.

Double use of courses used in the GEOG BA Major may NOT apply to a minor in the same degree.  


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