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Students in the Recreation and Sport in Communities, Parks, and Schools minor will learn important theory and socio-cultural context, as well as gain applied skills in programming and administration. This will prepare students to provide quality, inclusive, accessible, recreation experiences, and services in a wide-variety of public and nonprofit settings. More information can be found here:

Minor Requirements:

Required Courses (12 units)

TLS 353 Recreation and Leisure in Contemporary Society (3 credits)

TLS 354 Administration in Recreation, Community, and Non-Profit Organizations (3 credits)

TLS 355 Planning Community Events and Recreation Programs (3 credits)


Plus one of the following:

TLS 356 Sports, Adolescents, and School (3 credits)

TLS 358 Theory and Practice of Coaching


Elective Courses (6 units) Choose from:

TLS 150B1: Sport, Leisure, and Consumer Culture (3 credits)

TLS 200 Sustainability and Education (3 credits)

TLS 201 Using Physical Activity to Explore the Human Body (3 credits)

TLS 331 Interpreting and Presenting Heritage Through Graphic Media (3 credits)

TLS 352 Developing Adolescent Personal & Social Responsibility Using Physical Activity (3 credits)

TLS 356 Sports, Adolescents and School (3 credits)

TLS 358 Theory and Practice of Coaching (3 credits)

TLS 359: Power of Parks (3 credits)

TLS 360 Functional Kinesiology (3 credits)

TLS 373 Inclusive Physical Activity Programming for Diverse & Special Populations (3 credits)

TLS 393 Internship (3-6 credits)

TLS 431 Environmental Learning (3 credits)

TLS 460 Education & Sustainability (3 credits)

TLS 497F: Community and School Garden Workshop (3 credits)

RNR 448 Conservation Planning & Wildland Recreation (3 credits)

MGMT 351 Sports Administration and Planning (3 credits)- Prerequisite: ECON 200 and (ACCT 200 or ACCT 250)

SOC 302 Sport and Society (3 credits)

SOC 304 Race, Class, Gender and Sports (3 credits)


Double Use of Minor Course Work:

Minor coursework may double dip with Literacy, Learning, and Leadership major if the REC minor is on a second degree.

Declaring the Minor

The minor advisor in the College of Education is the only one who can declare the minor. This minor can be declared at

Additional Information

The Recreation and Sport in Communities, Parks, and Schools minor consists of 18 credit hours total and is available for both Main Campus and Arizona Online. Courses are available in person and online in 15-week and 7.5 week sessions throughout fall, spring, and summer terms. Courses are not restricted for enrollment.