Transfer Course Tools

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AZTRANSFER.COM provides information on courses, course equivalencies, and program requirements between two and four year institutions in Arizona. The Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) indicates how Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona accept transfer coursework from the Arizona public institutions. 


The SUN System is a college course numbering system designed to help Arizona students plan their education and ensure successful transfer of course credits. SUN courses have a unique three-letter prefix and four-digit course number that represents direct course equivalency at all Arizona public community colleges and universities. Each institution retains its original course numbers but uses the SUN to indicate commonality.The SUN# has been added as a Course Attribute in the University of Arizona’s Browse Catalog and Schedule of Classes pages, where students and advisors can reference it easily.

Transfer Credit Guide

The Transfer Credit Guide provides information about how courses from other institutions transfer to the University of Arizona. It is intended to be used as an unofficial guide in consultation with an Academic Advisor. Final transferability decisions are made by The University of Arizona once an official transcript has been received.