Major Exploration

Need to Know:

  • The A Center offers a 2 unit Major Exploration course each semester. “SERP 197P: Explore, Discover, Decide… your major.” Choosing a major can be a challenge, and in using design-thinking approaches, we encourage students to take ownership of their major exploration experience with this 2-unit course. It is open to all freshman and sophomore level students.
  • For students who are not affiliated with The A Center, but who are looking to transition out of their current major or explore additional major/minor options, we offer specific major exploration appointments with advisors in The A Center.
  • For students who have gone through the “Required Program Change” process and have joined The A Center, we work with them to develop pathways to reach their goals.
  • Colleagues across campus, thank you for working with our No Major Selected Students in The A Center and speaking with them as they learn more about their major options.



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