Depending on time and circumstances, students may be eligible to withdraw from some or all of their courses in a given semester. Policies and deadlines regulate students' ability to withdraw from courses. Official withdrawal policies can be found in the Academic Catalog.



Students may drop individual courses during the first ten weeks of the regular semester using UAcces. Drops that are processed in the first two weeks (10 days) of the semester leave no record on the academic transcript. However, drops in the third through tenth week will result in a 'W' (withdraw) notation on the transcript. The Registration Dates and Deadlines Calendar provides the exact dates for withdrawal in a given semester. Deadlines for dropping summer, winter and dynamically dated courses occur much earlier in the term..

Before dropping a class, students should consider whether the decrease in units will cause problems with financial aid, scholarships, insurance, or on-campus housing. When dropping a required course, students should also consider how this might impact prerequisite sequences and graduation timeline. Students are highly encouraged to speak with an advisor prior to dropping courses in order to explore options and avoid potential problems.

Effective Fall 2014 a cap of 18 units of 'W' is imposed for all students.



Students are able to withdraw from their entire semester schedule (Complete Withdrawal) through the last day of the semester. Complete Withdrawal is managed through the Office of the Registrar. Because Complete Withdrawal is a drastic measure that could have a great impact on academic progress and financial opportunities, students must meet with their Academic Advisor to learn what their college procedure is for withdrawing from classes. There are many things students need to consider before performing a complete withdrawal. 

Students are also able to withdraw from future semesters at the UA by filing a Leave of Absence (LOA). LOA allows qualified students to take up to two semesters away from the UA without having to reapply upon their return. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.0 and have been enrolled in courses during the semester prior to the LOA in order to qualify for the leave.

For Graduate students, please refer to the Graduate Leave of Absence Policy.