What is a Wayfinder, and where can I find one?

Wayfinders are dedicated Academic Advisors from all across campus that help students navigate the varied academic opportunities and policies at the University of Arizona. Wayfinders help fill in the gaps that students may experience in determining their academic goals and provide additional academic advising support throughout their degree. Our team of academic experts help steer students through their college career by collaborating with campus partners and highlighting the many campus resources available. Wayfinders are accessible through campus events, workshops, and social media in order to connect with students, promote campus resources, and spotlight the importance of academic planning.

Information can include but is not limited to:

  • Connecting with your Academic Advisor
  • Answering general questions about University and academic policies, dates, and deadlines
  • Matching student interests with viable academic paths
  • Utilizing campus resources
  • Sharing academic support strategies

NOTE: While Wayfinders are professional UArizona Academic Advisors, in this role, they do not provide academic advising for specific programs. Students that have detailed questions regarding their degree’s academic requirements will be directed to their assigned Academic Advisor.

Check out our Events page to see where you can find a Wayfinder!


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