UAccess Student Center




UAccess is a password-protected service that allows students to access personal and academic information and transact university business via the Web. A UA NetID and password are required for login.

UAccess enables students to view and make changes to their academic and personal information. This system has dozens of useful features, which are housed under five major categories:


Students can look in the 'Academic' section to view their academic records for past and current semesters, including class schedule, grades, transfer course evaluations, class standing, and book lists. This section also allows students to view their math and second language placement status.


The 'Financial' section of the UAccess Student Center allows students to view their account balance, financial aid disbursements, and meal plan transactions. Students are also able to make payments online with check or credit card.


This section allows students to add and drop classes during open access periods. 'Notices and Holds' including advising or financial blocks that might block registration access, are also found here. The "Cat Cart" (shopping cart) allows students to search for classes, according to time offered and requirement fulfilled, and create a list of possible courses to take before the student's "enrollment appointment."


This section allows students to update their personal contact information, which is critical in order to ensure that university mail and phone calls are received. Students are also able to place restrictions on what personal information can be released to the public. Some student data is considered to be directory information and can be shared with any outside party unless access is restricted via UAccess Student Center.


The 'Self Service' section allows students to manage their UAccess Student Center options, including the ability to provide site access to others. By creating a Guest Center account students can give partial access to specified UAccess features while restricting the guest's ability to view others.