Transfer Credit & Articulation

Need to Know:

1. For the foreseeable future, our office is closed to walk-ins. However, we are serving students via email (, phone (520-626-3212, leave a message, we will call you back) and our ZenDesk chat on our website.

2. Which courses should your student use the Course Equivalency Request form for?

  • The Course Equivalency Request form should only be used when you need to know if the course is a lower division direct equivalent to a requirement for your major (or pre-requisite) and is not in the Transfer Credit Guide (TCG):
    For example:
    • ENGL Composition (101 & 102)
    • Second Language (101, 102, 201 and 202 or other numbers that mean 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester)
    • Sciences--
      • Chemistry (141, 142, 143, 144, 151 or 152)
      • Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB 181R & L)
      • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (ECOL 182R & L)
      • Anatomy & Physiology (PSIO 201 & 202)
      • Physics (PHYS 102, 181, 103, 182, 140, 141, etc)
      • MATH has their own routing form (you can find it here)
  • Do not have a student submit a Course Equivalency Request for a gen-ed or departmental elective. If you can use it for a gen-ed or departmental elective, you are welcome to make a substitution.

3. Does your student want to take a course to meet a requirement at a school near them? Is the school in Arizona? If so, Please reference the AZ Transfer Course Equivalency Guide for any transferable course coming from an in-state AZ public community college or university. Every course is there!

  • Be mindful of the catalog year for which the student took the course!

4. For out-of-state coursework, please first check our Transfer Credit Guide to see if the coursework has already been evaluated

  • Remember, if it isn’t there, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would not transfer so long as it is from a Regionally Accredited Institution and is considered college level coursework (again don’t have gen-eds routed)
  • If they need a course to be a lower division direct equivalent to meet a pre-requisite, then have them submit a Course Equivalency Request.

5. What exactly needs to be on the syllabus for faculty to evaluate the course?

  • Syllabus needs to be submitted in either .pdf or .doc format.
  • It must include the textbook used
  • The list or schedule of topics covered each week
  • The number of lecture hours per week
  • The number of lab hours each week (if applicable)
  • The topics covered in the lab/list of lab experiments each week (if applicable)
  • *Student may have to contact a faculty member if they do not have this information*
  • **Think of our office as the middle-person, we are asking for what the faculty require to be able to evaluate the course, if it is missing this info, they WILL NOT review it**

6. Do you need help with International Credit questions? Check out these resources or if it is student specific, email

7. Are you seeing something odd on a Transfer Credit Report or do you have questions? Please email myself at ( and Mary Ellen Clark at ( and we can help guide you.

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