Forms & Processes




This section contains information on processes related to forms, where to obtain them and downloadable versions if they are available online. The listings below appear in alphabetical order and provide a description of the form's function for easy reference.



Academic Renewal
Allows elimination of up to three semesters from GPA calculation under specific circumstances.

Academic Eligibility
The Undergraduate Academic Eligibility Policy is designed to help undergraduates stay on track for degree completion at the University of Arizona and is calculated for all undergraduate students at the end of each fall and spring semester.

The five academic statuses determine eligibility to enroll in courses at the University; however, they do not determine eligibility to enroll in specific programs, schools, or colleges. Students who are not in Eligible status who earn grades in winter or summer term or have revisions to their academic record that updates their cumulative GPA to 2.00 or higher will return to Eligible status.


Application for University Admission

Allows prospective first year and transfer students, non-degree seeking students, and students seeking readmission to formally apply to the University.

Authorization for Release of Information (FERPA release)
Allows students to specify circumstances in which personal information may be shared with others.









Change of Schedule
Allows students to add, drop, and make other approved changes to their schedules.

Complete Withdrawal (See Withdrawal, Complete)

Concurrent Enrollment Policy for International Students
International students are only allowed to enroll in classes at Pima Community College above and beyond 12 units at the University of Arizona.

Consortium Agreement
Allows students to combine total units at multiple schools in order to meet Financial Aid eligibility requirements.





Degree Candidacy Declaration
Allows students to officially declare intention to graduate, likely the semester prior to the intended graduation.

Disability Resource Center Substitutions
Allows substitutions of degree requirements in specific cases related to documented disabilities.









FERPA Release (See Authorization for Release of Information)

Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal
Allows students to explain the circumstances surrounding failure to make necessary progress for financial aid eligibility.





General Petition
Allows students to petition for exceptions to university policies under extenuating circumstances.

Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO)
Alters a student's GPA by replacing a low grade earned in a first attempt of a course with a grade earned in a subsequent attempt.









Incomplete Grade Report
Allows students and instructors to document the conditions required for completion of an incomplete grade.

Independent Study / Directed Research Proposal
Allows students and instructors to document expectations for independent study or directed research credit

International Student Concurrent Enrollment
Allows international students to maintain visa eligibility by taking a combination of University of Arizona and Pima Community College courses in order to stay full-time

Internship Proposal
Allows students, instructors, and employers to document expectations for an internship













Lawful Presence Status
Students can view their lawful presence status in UAccess. Students should navigate to their Personal Tab > Personal Summary to view this information.  Advisors can log onto the administrative student services center and follow the same steps.

Leave of Absence
Allows students to leave the university for up to two semesters without needing to reapply upon returning, under certain circumstances





Multiple Use of Courses (formally known as Double Dipping)
The use of courses to satisfy more than one requirement in the student's degree program (e.g., fulfilling a major, pre-major, minor, certificate, and/or General Education requirement) is subject to University General Education, college, and department policies on the multiple use of a course.












Preceptorship Proposal
Allows students and instructors to document expectations for a preceptorship experience









Residency Classification
Determines students' state residency status for the purpose of tuition calculation

Students can view their current tuition residency status in UAccess. Students should navigate to their Personal Tab > Personal Summary to view this information.  Advisors can log onto the administrative student services center and follow the same steps.

Registration Release

Academic advisors can obtain the Registration Release form through the Office of Orientation (Bear Down Gym 621-5293).





Second Start Readmission Program

Study Abroad

Allows students to take classes at an approved international college or university





Thematic Minor Proposal
Allows students and their major advisors to document approved curriculum for a thematic minor

Transcript Request
Allows students to purchase official copies of their University of Arizona transcripts either via the Internet or in-person.  Transcripts cannot be purchased through the mail or by FAX.

Transfer Credit
Allows students to petition decisions in which their out-of-state transfer courses have been deemed nontransferable by the Office of Admissions.

Transfer Credit Appeal Form
This allows students to report evaluation errors.

Transfer Credit Pre-Approval
In an effort to alleviate some confusion about the transfer credit preapproval process, we have modified the form and we have created an additional form for international institutions. If the transfer work will come from a domestic institution, on a domestic transcript, then students should use the Domestic Institution Transfer Credit Preapproval Form. If the transfer work will come printed on an international institution’s transcript then students should use the International Institution Transfer Credit Preapproval Form.





Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Classes
Allows seniors to apply graduate credit toward either a current undergraduate degree or a future graduate degree, under certain circumstances

Units in Residence
This worksheet was developed to help advisors and students develop a plan for graduation in a manner that does not violate the Units in Residence rule as listed in the university's Academic Catalog.









Withdrawal, Complete
Allows students to drop all current semester's courses, through the last day of classes